Oz/Kiwi 2019

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Oz/Kiwi 2019

The following skiers have been selected to compete in the Oz/Kiwi Challenge at Myuna Bay 27-31 March 2019.

Congratulations to all of those skiers and all the best for the tournament.

2 of the skiers in each team will become skiing reserves. They will be decided just before the tournament. Those skiers still compete for individual placings/medals.


Hunter McKenzie, Sam Bainbridge, Mitchell Williams, Sage Going, Jack Silver, Alex Brown, Georgia Luxford, Maddie Wainwright.


Will Gibson, Blake Hamilton, Zac Shirley, Ethan McKenzie, Hunter Stewart, Courtney Williams, Kristie Brown, Emily Milner.


George Donaldson, Hugh Donaldson, Cody Gibson, Taine Gibson, Lily Meade, Meg Harraway (offered to ski in U21).

Lydia Munro and Case Mastny-Jensen are U17 skiers selected as U21 Reserves.


Kevin Firth,

Convenor of Selectors.

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