9 hours ago

Trick skiing Slalom style? 😜

Just some smooth lines from Jayden Sheath thanks Launchn Movies for the amazing edit. ENJOY🤘🏻

1 day ago
2019 IWWF Worlds - Understanding the Sport

Sharing the sport with those wanting to see why we love 💕 it.

4 days ago

Missing skiing or need some inspiration over winter?

This is what it looks like when you are running a perfect 39 at the Swiss Pro Slalom and you get a little excited at 5 ball... 🙄 oops! And yes, there may have been more than one onside mistake ... See more

1 week ago
2019 IWWF World Waterski Championships

World Championships Bulletin #2 is now available

2019 IWWF World Waterski Championships Putrajaya, Malaysia 13th to 18th August 2019 Competition Information Event Schedule Technical Officials Chief Judge: Candido Moz ITA Ass. Chief Judge: Larry

2 weeks ago

Wow 😮

Just when we thought we could end the month quietly having already announced two IWWF World Junior Boys trick records, one set by Mexico’s Patricio Font with a score of 11090 points and the other ... See more

3 weeks ago

Meanwhile in sunny Waikato, Luke Runciman 10 , becomes possibly the youngest ever kiwi to land a flip on a trick ski !

3 weeks ago

Big congrats to @alexbrowwnn for picking up the @skifluid award for the gutsiest performance at the 2019 New Zealand Nationals. After winning Junior Girls Jump she put her speed up 6km/h and flew ... See more

3 weeks ago
Wanganui Water Ski Club

And soooo.....preparations begin for Easter Nationals 2020. Jump out ready for its makeover

3 weeks ago

Thought I’d post this for all my non Northland NZ waterski friends

Northland 6 out 10 wins this decade

3 weeks ago

Meanwhile in sunny PuhiPuhi
Zac Shirley lands his first back landing flip